Monday, April 27, 2015

4/27/15 Miracles are Happening!

this week has been so awesome and miracles are happening here. we have 2 baptisms scheduled for this Saturday. i am so excited. last Saturday we went down to brother wultbanks ranch and branded cattle. i am the only one out of the elders that had ever done it before so i had fun. it snowed this week and it was awesome i have pictures of the snow on the mountains. i found out that we will get to go on a priesthood encampment near the end of this transfer and so i get to go camping and wear regular cloths for a little bit.  i am so excitected to skype on mothers day there is so much to say that you just cant send in an e-mail. but it has all been good. i haven't had any sweets in almost 9 weeks and i started yesterday only having one serving at meals because the weight wasnt coming off. i am now down to 260 lbs. its making me pretty happy and i have a gym to lift weights and run. so i am getting pretty fit.
thanks so much and i hope life is going well.
elder Peterson
I am so excited. i think the reason i am doing well now is because i am in the mountains, we have tones of investigators, i got to see snow and everyone does what we like to do. as for spanish the church has a great program and i am studying off of a cd and multiple books. i am doing well in it and i can pray and bear simple testimony in spanish.
    This week we have 2 investigators getting baptized. on names Johnathan is 10 and the other, Daniel Prieto is 25 and we are working with all of his family about. his brother and his family and soon hopefully his mother. 

    I am so excited to skype with all of you and it will be good to see Rachel there and all of you. i hope bowen is awake. we probably will be able to skype and that will be great. I love you all.
Love Elder Peterson

Learning Spanish

t has been great up here in Eagar. Everybody hunts and it is a town about the size of shelley. John Wayne owned a ranch here in this town and i got to see it. sadly i havnt had an opportunity to go shed hunting yet but this area is so beautiful.
  another thing is that my companion is Spanish speaking as are half of my investigators so i am having to learn Spanish pretty quick. right now i hardly say anything in lessons but i know how to pray in spanish. it is pretty awesome. i am so glad to be here.
the elders name is Elder Chance Murray.
it is pretty great here and i am glad to be in a temperature similar to home. and i am keeping hard at work. thank you so much dad for all you do.
This is a picture of Elder Strike
This is Elder Peterson's New area Eagar Az.
Dear mom,
It has been really great up here in Eagar.  It is allot better than the valley and it isn't so bad to be on bike.  Sadly I didn't end up with enough tome to go shed hunting but it is amazing to be here. We are living in a house that is owned by a member but we have it to ourselves. 4 Elders and a house about the size of ours. 
There is quite a lot of game around and elk come down to a bishops field every night.  John Wayne had a ranch here.  It is pretty cool.  Mountains and trees to the south and open bare planes to the North.  It is sooooooo awesome. I am so grateful to be here and learning Spanish.  I love you and than you so much.
Love Elder Peterson

Transfer to the Mountains as the President Promised!

Hey dad,
   i have some amazing news, i am no longer in the city of heat death and doom. the lake of fire and brimstone lol. i did get transferred and now i am in Eagar Arizona on the edge of new mexico. it is an amazing town comparable to Sheridan Montana. it is nestled in the middle of the mountains surrounded by pines and mountains. bad news is i had to get a bike from another elder and we need to pay him back. he wanted around 300 for it and he said the lowest he could go was 250 so somehow i need to get the money to him in the next couple of weeks/ months so feel free to respond to this and tell me what you think. he gave me the bike and i am now using it.  
   I did get the package.... just before i left. just so you know we dont have a mailbox up here so all the mail needs to be sent to the mission office and it may take 2-3 weeks for me to get it so that kinda stinks. but i am happy to be here and back to the high mountains and pine trees.
4/08/2015 Wednesday (P-day after transfer day)
Dear Mom,
thanks so much for the package. I got it just before I left.  Please tell everyone not ot send mail there anymore.  I am now in Eagar Arizona on bike and all my mal has to go t the mission office because we don't have a place to get mail.  So it will take anywhere from 1 day to 4 weeks for me to get the mail from the mission office.  I will work on finding a place for it to get sent.  I love you so much and am so excited to be here in Eagar.  It is like Sheridan Montana.  Love you mom.  My new companions name is Elder Strike.  He is awesome and we will get along great.  He went to Harvard. He likes the outdoors too.  Its pretty cool.  I am excited to serve here.
Love Justin