Monday, April 27, 2015

Learning Spanish

t has been great up here in Eagar. Everybody hunts and it is a town about the size of shelley. John Wayne owned a ranch here in this town and i got to see it. sadly i havnt had an opportunity to go shed hunting yet but this area is so beautiful.
  another thing is that my companion is Spanish speaking as are half of my investigators so i am having to learn Spanish pretty quick. right now i hardly say anything in lessons but i know how to pray in spanish. it is pretty awesome. i am so glad to be here.
the elders name is Elder Chance Murray.
it is pretty great here and i am glad to be in a temperature similar to home. and i am keeping hard at work. thank you so much dad for all you do.
This is a picture of Elder Strike
This is Elder Peterson's New area Eagar Az.
Dear mom,
It has been really great up here in Eagar.  It is allot better than the valley and it isn't so bad to be on bike.  Sadly I didn't end up with enough tome to go shed hunting but it is amazing to be here. We are living in a house that is owned by a member but we have it to ourselves. 4 Elders and a house about the size of ours. 
There is quite a lot of game around and elk come down to a bishops field every night.  John Wayne had a ranch here.  It is pretty cool.  Mountains and trees to the south and open bare planes to the North.  It is sooooooo awesome. I am so grateful to be here and learning Spanish.  I love you and than you so much.
Love Elder Peterson

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