Monday, April 27, 2015

Transfer to the Mountains as the President Promised!

Hey dad,
   i have some amazing news, i am no longer in the city of heat death and doom. the lake of fire and brimstone lol. i did get transferred and now i am in Eagar Arizona on the edge of new mexico. it is an amazing town comparable to Sheridan Montana. it is nestled in the middle of the mountains surrounded by pines and mountains. bad news is i had to get a bike from another elder and we need to pay him back. he wanted around 300 for it and he said the lowest he could go was 250 so somehow i need to get the money to him in the next couple of weeks/ months so feel free to respond to this and tell me what you think. he gave me the bike and i am now using it.  
   I did get the package.... just before i left. just so you know we dont have a mailbox up here so all the mail needs to be sent to the mission office and it may take 2-3 weeks for me to get it so that kinda stinks. but i am happy to be here and back to the high mountains and pine trees.
4/08/2015 Wednesday (P-day after transfer day)
Dear Mom,
thanks so much for the package. I got it just before I left.  Please tell everyone not ot send mail there anymore.  I am now in Eagar Arizona on bike and all my mal has to go t the mission office because we don't have a place to get mail.  So it will take anywhere from 1 day to 4 weeks for me to get the mail from the mission office.  I will work on finding a place for it to get sent.  I love you so much and am so excited to be here in Eagar.  It is like Sheridan Montana.  Love you mom.  My new companions name is Elder Strike.  He is awesome and we will get along great.  He went to Harvard. He likes the outdoors too.  Its pretty cool.  I am excited to serve here.
Love Justin

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