Monday, December 22, 2014

Ward Families that LOVE Elder Peterson

December 20, 2014
We received our first member text showing Elder Peterson holding a rat.  Elder Peterson was wearing the camouflage Santa hat and had the sunglasses we sent tucked into his pocket.  Yay! he had received his package for Christmas.  The member message said "Elder Peterson holds his first pet rat! Welcome from Phoenix!
The member said "this is Laura Packard. he's just come to our ward. We are so glad to have him. He has a terrific companion too.  they're heading to the park with a guitar for your son and a ukulele for his companion to set up a boot today. (Short sleeves for the Idaho boy)."


We received a second text from another member family, saying "Sister Peterson, We love your son and had a great time with him tonight.  We had a few nonmember families into our home so Elder Peterson, and Elder Stratton could meet them.  Thanks for sharing your son. Merry Christmas!"
Elder Stratton is holding little missionary minions. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Almost a Month as a Missionary December 15th 2014

Dear Mom and Dad,

Tell Brandon i am so excited for him and his first buck. i have had a tough time out here and feel depressed often and want to come home but i know you all want me to stay badly so i am going to keep trying. We have allot of stuff we are doing but mostly meeting with members and less actives as we only have one investigator. I did something no one else has been able to do down here as of yet though. I got a millionaire named Daryl Williams to feed the missionaries. no one has been able to ever before, but you'll never guess where his wife was from..... Shelly, Idaho lol. the weather has been pretty good down here not to hot but everything is sooooo different. Giant cactus bigger than the trees at our house. it is so weird. 2 years is such a long time. i hope i can make it that long. I love you all.

Love Justin.

My new address for at least the next 5 weeks (if it wont get here before that don't send it to this address because it might change) is
Elder Justin Lyle Peterson
3040 East Shae Blvd #1030
Phoenix AZ .85028 
send mail to this adress to get it to me faster thanks ;)

First days in Arizona December 8th-10th

Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 7:27 AM, Justin Peterson

dear mom and dad

my first flight was so cool

road a public buss (never before) then a train (never before) and then the plane was awesome lol. You were right i feel allot better out of the mtc. president Sweeney told my he is just having my in the valley for 6 to 12 weeks with this zone leader as my companion for training and then he is sending me to the mountains (i think) he says he wants me up there because they do so much service. also guess what. I am the only one out of 4 missionaries in mountain view ward in our apartment that can drive so i got a brand new 2014 Volkswagen Jetta to drive me and my companion around. I am so scared because I have never drove a car this nice in my entire life. lol. i am sorry for how i felt in the mtc i wasn't happy there but i think i will be ok now.  i love you all. I love you all so much.



P.S. it is HOT but night time is amazing.

my new companion is Elder Stratton. He i very cool also by christmas i guess every US missionary should have i pads to use and proselyte the other tow elders are Elder Ortiz and Elder Mayberry

These pictures were taken December 7th and 8th 2014 .

These next pictures were taken December 9th
 The Zone Leader, his companion, trainer, Elder Stratton

The Apartment

The Famous Volkswagen Jetta inside and out (LOL)

MTC Life November 19th 2014- December 8th 2014

Missionary life was not what Justin had anticipated or maybe it was, but he felt the difficulties in the MTC.

Some highlights from his first letter:
"First day in the MTC went ok, but I have no idea how I can make it 2 years when one day has just about been to much for me." ..." It has only been a few hours but I already I miss everyone."... "You can send me mail faster at and send it to my MTC mailing adress."

Wed 11/26/2014
"Dear mom and dad,

"Sorry I have not been able to send a lot of mail.  It is way to busy here if you ask me. I have barely had time to write letters but today is my first p day."... "The spirit is so strong here and our district is claimed as one of the best. There are 9 of us.  Me, and Elder Towle are companions, then there are Elder Casey and Elder Letourneau, Elder Web and Elder Serinilla, and three sisters Sister Jensen, Sister Lyons and Sister Vilallta."

Justin's Comp --->

"I really don't need anything, the bookstore sells everything I could need but I do need hangers. I can even buy garments here. We are constantly kept busy from 7:30 am to 9:30 Pm either learning, studying, preparing lessons, teaching investigators (sometimes 3 a day) and attending devotionals." 

Justin's letter was mostly about missing home, but he was determined to stay out and work.
He almost came home the next Wednesday, but after thinking about it, he stayed and headed to Arizona early Monday Dec. 8th. (3 in the morning according to him)