Monday, December 15, 2014

MTC Life November 19th 2014- December 8th 2014

Missionary life was not what Justin had anticipated or maybe it was, but he felt the difficulties in the MTC.

Some highlights from his first letter:
"First day in the MTC went ok, but I have no idea how I can make it 2 years when one day has just about been to much for me." ..." It has only been a few hours but I already I miss everyone."... "You can send me mail faster at and send it to my MTC mailing adress."

Wed 11/26/2014
"Dear mom and dad,

"Sorry I have not been able to send a lot of mail.  It is way to busy here if you ask me. I have barely had time to write letters but today is my first p day."... "The spirit is so strong here and our district is claimed as one of the best. There are 9 of us.  Me, and Elder Towle are companions, then there are Elder Casey and Elder Letourneau, Elder Web and Elder Serinilla, and three sisters Sister Jensen, Sister Lyons and Sister Vilallta."

Justin's Comp --->

"I really don't need anything, the bookstore sells everything I could need but I do need hangers. I can even buy garments here. We are constantly kept busy from 7:30 am to 9:30 Pm either learning, studying, preparing lessons, teaching investigators (sometimes 3 a day) and attending devotionals." 

Justin's letter was mostly about missing home, but he was determined to stay out and work.
He almost came home the next Wednesday, but after thinking about it, he stayed and headed to Arizona early Monday Dec. 8th. (3 in the morning according to him)

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