Monday, December 22, 2014

Ward Families that LOVE Elder Peterson

December 20, 2014
We received our first member text showing Elder Peterson holding a rat.  Elder Peterson was wearing the camouflage Santa hat and had the sunglasses we sent tucked into his pocket.  Yay! he had received his package for Christmas.  The member message said "Elder Peterson holds his first pet rat! Welcome from Phoenix!
The member said "this is Laura Packard. he's just come to our ward. We are so glad to have him. He has a terrific companion too.  they're heading to the park with a guitar for your son and a ukulele for his companion to set up a boot today. (Short sleeves for the Idaho boy)."


We received a second text from another member family, saying "Sister Peterson, We love your son and had a great time with him tonight.  We had a few nonmember families into our home so Elder Peterson, and Elder Stratton could meet them.  Thanks for sharing your son. Merry Christmas!"
Elder Stratton is holding little missionary minions. 

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