Monday, June 1, 2015

Eager excitement (titled by Glen)

We received a call Saturday May 23rd from Elder Justin Lyle Peterson, instructed by the mission president Letting us know that he and his companion were ok. They came to the church right after the shooter had fled. The officer also was shot in the leg Elder Peterson  said. This could have been so much worse. Because  there was a carnival planned shortly after this happened.

Here is a link to the story

He said related to the incident
"The crazy thing is that the only reason that we weren't there during the actual shooting was because we decided to check on a referral first which took about 3 minutes and that was just enough time to miss the actual shooting. especialy since they believe the guy was targeting the church and missionaries because they were teaching his wife. (p.s. that is speculation not based on fact yet.) but we are all alive and well and loving the I-Pads

Elder Peterson's testimony in Spanish

Yo se qeu hose smith es un profeta de Dios y que Thomas Monson es un
verdadero profeta en le tiera. Yo se que Jesucristo es nuestro
Salvador y Redentor y sue expiacion ayuda todo el Mundo regresar a el
con nuestras familias. Yo se que la Iglesias de Jesucristo de Los
santos de Los ultimas Dias es la Iglesia verdadero.
That's the best I can do and I hope it is right. ��

I know that Joseph smith is a prophet of God and that Thomas Monson is
a true prophet on the earth. I know that Jesus Christ is our savior
and redeemer and his atonement helps all the world return to him with
our families. I know that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints is the true church.

Letter to Glen today

Dear Dad,
This week was pretty great. We did go camping from tuesday through friday up at a guest ranch owned by one of the members of our ward. i have pleanty of pictures which i will send shortly but it was so great to be up in the mountains again.
     the baptisms were great. they both were very excited and loved it. we couldn't get the water warm so they were baptized cold and the one came up out of the water giggling her head of for a split second because of the cold rush. but i was happy to see them get to do that and to see their faith.
     I did get to see Linda and Nelson but they never saw me. we actually had to drive to Show-low to pick up elder Edwards New Companion and we passed them on the highway. I waved a ton but i don't think they saw me.
         tell grandma and Uncle Brian both happy birthday from me and i will try to e-mail them. well that's about all for this week the work is going well here.
                                 Elder Peterson 

These first few pictures are from the Aaronic Priesthood encampment he and his companion were invited to

 these two are of the baptism for Calee and Mckayla

 These are pictures at the stake center of the damage the shooter caused. Elder Peterson took pictures a couple days after.

"Cool junk car made from a vw bug"

 After the encampment the chef left and Elder Peterson kept his secret recipe for guacamole. This was Elder Peterson's successful attempt.

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