Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 15th

We write to elder Peterson about fishing the big lost and sent some pictures he reaponded:

I miss that river lol well this week was great. We had
a 9 year old get baptized Saturday. She is great. Paycee Logan is so
happy and her family is too. It went great. Also I got to baptize my
companion in the temple for some of his ancestors. They were all Greek
names and were hard to pronounce lol but it was great. Well I hope all
the family is doing well. It is all great here. One more month down. It is fun to have a lot to do, The days are going faster.

He then inquired about getting  a fishing licence and planned on getting one the next Wednesday.then talked to us about the church shooting.

The church building is finally repaired.
The lady is just fine. It only went through meat. He [the shooter] had a mental
disorder and he had tried to commit suicide a while before. So he got
drunk when his family wasn't home because of depression and he just
shot at the cop to get a way out without committing suicide the wife
and 15 year old daughter are devastated but have been fellowshiped by
the ward members including the lady that was shot. There are no hard feelings and we are reaching out to them

Hey mom,
So this week was great. Yes we did have a baptism but I have not done
any myself. But this week I was able to do baptisms in the temple and
I was able to baptize my companion for family names and he did one for me. I took a name all the way through the temple. It was great. Paycee Logan was the one that got Baptized this week. I don't care if I do the baptisms but it's great to see people grow closer to the lord.
Love you mom.

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