Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Transfer day July 8

Hey dad this week was great. I got transferred to a car area but still in the same apartment and me and elder stroke are both training. It's pretty cool. So I guess I am done learning Spanish for a while. Man the valley was ridiculously hot when we went down for transfers it was 110 in the shade. Ridiculous. Glad to be back in round you all.  Well first off my companion is from Utah. Barely hits me at the shoulder and weighs 110 soaking wet. So we are quite different but he is willing to work and get the job done.
I don't know if I know a Tyler bean but I asked president and he said that he is coming lol. Yes I still have my bike bu we cover the other 3 wards in round valley and they are big. And we cover the stake for ysa. Our area goes all the way up to Greer and sunrise resort.
The pictures are: Back in camp and gettin ripped. At the snowflake templedoing confirmations for the young women group, me at the rim


  1. He's a cute "little" missionary. Glad he got to stay out for a transfer.

    He looks so happy.