Thursday, August 6, 2015

Training a new comp in a semi new area (July 13 th through August 3rd)

Hey dad. This week has been great.
Mom has an idea that I am still in a Spanish area but I am not. I now cover the YSA and the 2 other wards in Eagar. Amity Ward goes clear up to Greer and to surmise ski resort.
We have an investigator in sunrise and it is like a 45 minute drive up there. My area is so huge! But we saw some elk yesterday when we went up there. Right allong the side of the road. It was pretty cool. It is so beautiful this time of the year. It is monsoon season and so it rains every afternoon. We have severe thunderstorms. The Lightning is awesome. But other than that there is not much to talk about this week. I did meet milo at the parade. I was on a float and jumped of and ran over and met him but we couldn't talk for long. I am glad things are going well for you all back home.
I don't know when hunting season starts, but talking to the people here our amity Ward mission leader (hunts with a bow too) said that it takes a while to draw elk tags but the cous deer are easy to get tags for, for archery. He likes hunting them and I have seen a couple on people's walls. I haven't seen one yet. But I want to and hopefully will.

July 21

Dear dad,
    Sorry this week has been crazy. I did get the package. Thank you so much. I went fishing with it Monday. I am sorry we couldn't e-mail you all. I feel like I'm in a war zone. There was a shooting at a cell tower in Show-Low at a cell tower that knocked all cell service and Internet out for all of round valley. It is crazy. But it is all good now. It sounds like things are going good back home. It is crazy up here. It is hard to whitewash and train a new elder at the same time. I am feeling like I don't get allot accomplished. The stress of the go go go attitude they kinda force into you on the mission makes me feel lazy when I am just dead tired. But I guess it's not so bad. I could be in the valley. Thank you so much. Sorry that I didn't e-mail you yesterday. Hope you weren't to worried.

July 27th

Hey dad. Thanks for the pictures. it sounds like you are going to have some fun. I am doing good here I got to visit Luna New Mexico it is beautiful. And about a 45 minute drive from here. And we got to watch a rodeo there. It was fun. But our miles are gone for the month. So this week should be interesting. Working on member rides only. I have been hitting the gym hard every morning. I haven't lost any more weight but I have been building allot of muscles to. I am glad you get to go camping and I hope you have fun. Love Justin.

August 3rd
Thank you so much for all the pictures. It looked like you all had a good time up in the mountains. Bowen is getting so big. Well I just found out today that I can do 2 pull-ups. Something that I have never ever done before. I am so happy. I haven't lost any weight but I have been gaining tons of muscle and loosing fat fast.

Yesterday we had a baptism in the YSA Branch. Janey Greer. She was so excited to be baptized and her family was so against it but she was really happy because in the end the all showed up to the baptism to support her anyways.  It is crazy.  I feel so good. This is the best I have felt in a long time. At sports ( how I found out I could do 2 pull-ups) I jumped up and grabbed 2x4 trusses in the pavilion where we had lunch and did 2 pull-ups. I am so happy. It feels good. 70% of my monthly food money I buy protein with lol and stuff for my smoothies. That is all I eat. Thank you all so much for your support. Love you.
Sent From The Mish'

Yep that is a belt buckle made out of 50 caliber bullets.

Elk we saw right off of the road

Guitar a member gave me to use. It was our YSA mission leaders he just got married to another YSA. It is so awkward because they still feed us In another Ward and it is weird to have two YSAs that you knew now living together and as a missionary I don't have to call them to repentance because it is all done right.

70% of my monthly food money I buy protein and stuff for my smoothies.

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