Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New area! Concho Arizona

Hey family.

Hello from Concho Arizona. Wow I love this place. The transfer is going great. Elder brown is my new companion. He is awesome and I have been around him before. He is fun and we are living it up here in Concho. He is from Ephraim Utah. He likes tinkering. He is a fixit guy like me and we both have worked construction before. It is good because we do tons of service all the time and we both work hard so it's good here. He also said he likes climbing. He loves anything minty and or chocolate like me lol. We live I a trailer in the middle of nowhere out of town and it is just me and him. The area is very hilly and tones of unmarked dirt roads. All the roads are dirt except for the highway and a couple others. Only the highway has a speed limit too so the TiWi box doesn't know how fast we are allowed to go so as long as we keep it under 70 we are good lol. The mountains are a ways away but this is a sweet area. The Mission President has me and elder Brown here on special assignment to try a new kind of missionary work involving almost nothing but service. Elder brown is a fix everything guy like me and we both love service. We are absolutely in the middle of nowhere out in the country. We live in a trailer 4 miles out of town. Everyone is so spread out. We have a fire pit and a weights set for me to work out. I already maxed out the bar and did it ten times. This place is an partially an outlaw town. There are the good people but then there are people who come here to hide from the law because it is so remote. There is an FLDS Colony (polygamists) and a Nudist Colony on the outskirts of town hiding away from the world. it is so weird. There are like no police. I feel like I'm in the old west. We do so much service (and our house is so far away that we stay in service cloths almost all day every day. Allot of the times all day. We teach lessons that way and people don't think twice about it. They actually accept us better in normal cloths. We have a truck too because of how rough and crazy the roads are to ranches everywhere. I am loving it.
Actually truthfully we are so remote that we don't see any other missionaries except once a week or so when we go to St. John's for district meeting. Elder brown is an awesome elder and so fun to be around. I love this place. We have wifi at the house for our e-mails so that we don't have to waste miles getting to the church because we are so far in the middle of nowhere. Loving it here in Concho. I feel like time will fly by here.

I have seen a few big buck antelope out here already. Our area is huge. We drove to dinner on Monday and it took us 45 minutes to get there on the highway. In other news I have a mailing address now for here. If it is anyone other than immediate family have them still send it to the mission office but if it is going to get here before transfers in 6 weeks send it. I just have to make sure it doesn't get sent while I am not here.

Love you all so much,

Love ,


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