Monday, January 12, 2015

Things are looking up!

Elder Peterson asked for his Patriarchal Blessing, and his line of Authority. We sent him a digital copy last week.  Today his letter sounded really positive.


Dear Mom and Dad,
 I have been doing much better now. People keep hinting about leadership to me and it also mentions allot of leadership in my patriarchal blessing. i don't see it in myself but maybe others do. i am worried soon i may be in a leadership position lol. i have never liked that pressure and talking and leading but it may be inevitable lol. i have one or two more transfers in the valley then i will be heading to the mountains and pines again most likely. the temperature and climate will be more like home. also the work is progressing a little better here. we have an investigator with a baptismal date named McKenzie but she is only 16 and her dad wont let her be baptized. so she has to wait until she is 18. we have been praying for her dads heart to be softened. I know we aren't supposed to ask for anyone at home to fast but i am going to ask if you would perhaps pray for her so she can maybe get baptized.
Thank you  so much.
I love you 
Elder Peterson
Tell Bowen i love him
Tell Nathan to keep his grades up and leave the girls alone Player Lol
Tell Brandon to Try not to steal the show to bad with his pure awesomeness and ninjetics Lol. 

I leaned the art of Mexican Judo.... "Be careful Homes, Judo know if I gotta Knife, Judo know if i gotta gun, Judo know..."
mushroom "i'd give you a ride but there's not mushroom."
Thats all i have for now. Oh P.S. I am learning Spanish.

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